Abrites February Discounts for Toyota

Abrites February Discounts for Toyota - Remkeys

Get ALL Toyota functionalities by ABRITES at 50 % OFF, including the full software package!
Using them:
•    TN009 – ID Code-Box Reset
•    TN014 – Key programming for 2020+ Toyota vehicles (BA HT-AES)
•    TN015 – Key programming for 2020+ Toyota vehicles (BA DST-AES)
•    TN016 – Key programming 2022+ Lexus vehicles (B9 DST-AES key)

You can program keys (spare key and ALL KEYS LOST) and also reset the ID Code-Box (for vehicles 2018-2023)! The ID Code Box reset procedure is made with all specialists in mind – all by OBDII! No taking the module out, no time-consuming bench work and endless disassembly – directly by connecting to the vehicle you will be able to reset the code box. And that’s why we love our work – it makes yours easier!
But that’s not all! We have also prepared a complete set of tools you would need working with Toyota vehicles!

The All-You-Need Toyota Pack contains all ABRITES hardware tools, cables and emulators in order to connect to the car and perform key programming tasks effortlessly. Along with the equipment, you get ALL ABRITES software licenses inside this package. Hence, you get the full ABRITES experience from beginning to end – we got you!

Here’s what you will find in the ABRITES Tough Case when you open it:
•    AVDI – ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface
•    ZN003 – PROTAG Key and Transponder Programmer
•    CB012 – Direct CAN-BUS Connection Cable Set
•    TA68 – DST-AES transponder emulator
•    TA64 – HITAG-AES Emulator
•    ZN039-2 – Toyota Transponder Emulator
•    ZN069 – Toyota mechanical key (H-type) adapter set




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