Abrites Winter Offers – Last 3 Days!

Abrites Avdi Starter Package


The AVDI Starter Pack contains the basic ABRITES hardware and software every automotive professional must have:

  • The powerful ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface
  • The next generation ABRITES PROTAG Programmer V2 – the ZN003 – building upon the ZN002, but offering so much more!
  • Annual Maintenance Subscription so that you can access all available online services
  • Support Plan Service for a whole year, for fast and effective technical assistance from our team of specialists.
  • All in an ABRITES Tough case, so that your gear is safely transported everywhere
Abrites Avdi Advanced Package


The AVDI Advanced Pack is an upgrade to the Starter Pack, containing all of the above: AVDI, ZN003, AMS, SPS, ATC01, plus the ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box, which allows reading a vehicle’s ECU by direct connection and boot mode.
It is a valuable tool in combination with AVDI and the ABRITES software licenses.

Abrites Avdi Mercedes Truck Package


The ultimate truck specialist’s package – AVDI Mercedes Truck Package offers hardware and software, allowing the programming of keys and adaptation of modules for the brand’s trucks. This festive pack contains the following:

  • ABRITES Vehicle Diagnostics Interface
  • The all-new ABRITES Protag Programmer V2 ZN003 with a designated slot for the Mercedes IR truck keys
  • MN031 ABRITES DAS Manager for trucks
  • TA69 ABRITES infra-red key, compatible with Mercedes truck
  • ZN075 ABRITES infra-red adapter
  • CB022 ABRITES jumper cable
  • ZN051 ABRITES Distribution Box
  • ATC01 ABRITES Tough case
  • Annual Maintenance Subscription
  • Support Plan Service

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