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ID48 Megamos – T6

New Trafic Symbol 3Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz OEM

Clio4 Captur Hitag Aes 433mhz Keyless OEM

PEUGEOT 308 3008 Partner 3Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz OEM 2017+

Clio4 Captur Hitag Aes 433mhz non-Keyless OEM

Ford Transit Land Rover Rechargable Battery

Ford 3Btn Remote Head 433mhz OEM – NO CHIP

Corsa C 2 Button Remote Head 433mhz OEM

Megane2 3Button Pcf7947 433mhz OEM

Mondeo Focus 4d636f 433mhz Keyless OEM 2179611

Golf MK7 3Btn Megamos AES 433mhz 5G0959752BA OEM

PEUGEOT 2008 3008 NCF29A1M 433mhz OEM 2019+

New DAC 2Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz (2015+) OEM

Transit Custom 3Btn Flip 4D636F 433mhz OEM

Qashqai 2Btn Smart Hitag Aes 433mhz OEM 285E34CB0C

8E Chevrolet Spark

Corsa D 2Btn non-Flip 433mhz 13188281 OEM

Astra H 2Btn non-Flip ID46 433mhz 13149645 OEM

PEUGEOT 508 308 NCF29A1M 433mhz OEM 2019+

4D60 6F (80Bit)

Astra K Pcf7961E 433mhz 13588667 OEM – Plain Black

Astra-K 2Btn non-Flip ID46 433mhz 13588801 OEM

i10 / Elentra 3Btn Flip Hitag3 433mhz OEM HYN14L 95430-B4100

i30 3Btn Flip Remote 4d60 433mhz 2012+ OEM 95430-A5101

Cas3 + Mini Cooper Smart Rechargable Battery

4D63 DST Ford Mazda

VAG 3 Button Remote 433mhz 1K0959753 G

A3 3Btn Flip Megamos AES 433mhz 8V0837220G OEM – Keyless GO

MQB 3Btn Megamos AES 433mhz 5G6959752AB OEM – KEYLESS

New Megane4 Smart 433mhz – White Patterned OEM

Bmw Rechargable Battery OEM

ID48 VW Canbus – TP23

New Megane4 Hitag AES 433mhz OEM – White Patterned Type2

New Megane4 Hitag AES 433mhz OEM – Black and 2S Button

Astra J / Insignia 13500235 OEM PCB+Aftermarket Case

Laguna2 Espace 3Btn ID46 433mhz Keyless OEM

4D60 Glass – T7

New KOLEOS II Hitag AES 433mhz OEM – Chrome

Aygo Auris 2Btn Flip Remote ID74 433mhz OEM – 39

New REN 2Btn 433mhz (2015+) OEM – Type2