New Abrites DST-AES Transponder Emulator – TA68

New Abrites DST-AES Transponder Emulator - TA68

Abrites team is always creating new exciting solutions and improving already existing ones. Latest Abrites DST-AES transponder emulator is now available in the remkeys.com! TA68

The TA68 is the successor of the TA30 emulator, covering all vehicles using DST-AES transponders. It is used with the corresponding software, for example, the TN011 and TN012 special functions for Toyota, and the SB001 Subaru special function.

Source: Abrites News

TA68 – Abrites DST-AES transponder emulator

Main functionalities:

  • ALL DST-AES transponder programming (where Page 1 is 88, A8 and A9)
  • Writing and locking all pages of the EEPROM
  • Writing and locking ALL KEYS
  • TIRIS AES verifying of a AES1 crypto key

Supported vehicles (using DST-AES transponders ):

  • Toyota models
  • Subaru models
  • and all other brands using them

You will require the PROTAG and the TagKeyTool (included in the PROTAG package) in order to use this product.
Depending on the brand of the vehicle, you will also need the corresponding Toyota (TN011, TN012) or Subaru (SB001) special functions.
When performing the procedures, please refer to the Abrites User Manual for the respective brand.

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