New Lexus Key Progamming Solution By Abrites: TN016

New Lexus Key Progamming Solution By Abrites: TN016

The new ABRITES software license TN016 comes to expand the capabilities of the legacy TN013 special function for key programming in Lexus vehicles. The TN016 offers support for all models produced after 2018, including the 2022+ RX and 2021+ NX , equipped with Denso Smart Systems with B9 type DST-AES keys.

Using the TN016 license, you can program keys in All Keys Lost situations, as well as add a spare key to the supported vehicles. In order to complete the procedure, you will also need the ZN003 PROTAG Programmer (or ZN002), the TA68 DST-AES transponder emulator, the CB012 cable set and of course, AVDI with active AMS.

Supported models:
• RX 2022+
• NX 2021+

• RXL 2018+
• ES 2018+
• LS 2018+
• UX 2018+

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