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AMS-1 Annual Maintenance Subscription – Renewal date is to 30 days

FR010 – PATS Initialization (2014+)

ZN059 – VAG VDO Cluster Adapter

ZN002 – PROTAG Programmer

EM009 – Mercedes Odometer correction emulator with jumper cable for dash for W204/W212 (FBS3/FBS4)EM009 – Mercedes Odometer correction emulator with jumper cable for dash for W204/W212 (FBS3/FBS4)

TN010 – Mileage recalibration

TN009 – ID Code Box Reset

VN013 – ECU authorization for all Immo 3 and Immo 4 vehicles

EP003 – Bosch MD/MG ECU manager

SPS – Abrites Support Plan Service

ZN063 – 12V/1A DC Power adapter

TA38 – IC Replacement for Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio

TA27 – Megane 3 / Laguna 3 key PCB

J1850 – J 1850 adapter

CB012 – JLR All Keys Lost cable set

CB005 – AVDI cable for ESL(ELV) for Mercedes

CB004 – AVDI cable for 14 pins round for MERCEDES Sprinter

CB003 – AVDI cable for 38 pins round for MERCEDES

AVDI – Hardware + Basic Software

TA57 – ABRITES JLR Key for 2018+ vehicles (433MHz)

JL005 – Key learning (2018+)

FR00P – Complete PATS Package (includes special functions FR008 and FR010)

UD58 – Software update for MN022+MN023 to MN026

UD59 – Software update for MN022+MN23+MN024 or MN025 to MN026

UD60 – Software update for MN022+MN024 or MN025 to MN026

UD61 – Software update for MN023+MN024 or MN025 to MN026

UD98 – Software Update from VN008 to VN009

UD105 – Software update from VN010 to VN015

UD104 – Software update from VN001 to VN015

VN015 – Odometer recalibration for VAG vehicles (excl. MQB vehicles)

VN012 – Security data extraction for VAG vehicles with Magneti Marelli 9GV ECU

VN009 – Key programming for MQB vehicles

VN007 – Mileage recalibration for MQB vehicles

VN006 – Immo III/IV Megamos 48 Key Programming

VN005 – Immo III/IV emulation

VN003 – Key Learning Special Function

VN002 – Parts Adaptation Special Function

VAG Km : Special functions set for VAG mileage recalibration VN007, VN015

VAG-KEY : FULL SET for VAG Key Programming VN003, VN006, VN009

VAG-FULL Package