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Hyundai/Kia Keydiy KIA7 Flip Keyblade – Blade77

Opel/Chevrolet Keydiy HU100 Flip Keyblade – Blade71

Ford HU101 Flip Remote Keyblade for Newseries

VAG HU162 Flip Remote Keyblade for MQB Remotes

Mercedes Crafter HU64 Flip Remote Keyblade

VAG HU66 Flip Remote Keyblade for MQB Remotes

NEW Hyundai / Kia KIA9 Flip Remote Keyblade

Peugeot/Citroen HU83 Flip Remote Keyblade for NewSeries

VAG HU162 Flip Remote Keyblade for MQB Remotes – Type 2

Peugeot/Citroen Keydiy SX9 Flip Keyblade – Blade83

Mitsubishi Keydiy MIT11 Flip Keyblade – Blade07

Hyundai/Kia Keydiy HYN17 Flip Keyblade – Blade129

Hyundai/Kia Keydiy HYN14L Flip Keyblade – Blade50

Volvo Mitsubishi HU57 Flip Remote Keyblade


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