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A key cutting machine is a machine that is used to cut the unique profile of a key. There are many different types of these machines.

Manual Machines

The least accurate device in its type. Still working fine for common house keys These machines work by clamping both the original key and the new key on top of each other.
In a manual product, a person manually operates the machine to trace the profile on the key, by this, the machine processing the blank key to have the same old key shape.

Automatic – Simi Automatic Machines

Automatic and semi-automatic machines do most of the work by themselves, though automatic versions require even less human assistance than their semi-automatic counterparts.

Once the duplicate key is created, its newly cut edges are brushed to remove any metal spurs.

Laser Machines

It is exactly the same as the automatic machine, except that the laser cuts the new key instead of a blade, which can place dimples on the surface of the key.

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