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EM011- REN ESL emulator with Megane IV/Talisman connector

EM010 – ABRITES REN ESL emulator with Clio IV connector

TA57 – ABRITES JLR Key for 2018+ vehicles (433MHz)

CB202 – AVDI cable for connection with Suzuki Marine Engines type 2

ZN069 – Toyota mechanical key (H-type) adapter set

ZN066 – Subaru transponder emulator

ZN063 – 12V/1A DC Power adapter

ZN062-12V/0.5A DC Power adapter

ZN061 – Old-style Micronas cluster adapter

ZN060 – VAG Micronas (new style connector) Cluster Adapter

ZN059 – VAG VDO Cluster Adapter

ZN058 – V850E2 adapter for ABPROG

ZN057 – EEPROM wire extender for ABPROG EEPROM/BCM adapter

ZN056 – Honda K-line adapter

ZN055 – EWS3 Adapter for ABPROG

ZN054 – Extension cable set for direct CAN connection for VAG vehicles

ZN053 – AVDI Extractor Cable

ZN052 – Abrites cable set for adapting IMMO parts used together with VN005

ZN051 – Abrites Distribution Box

ZN049 – AVDI Adapter for connection with K-Line BMW vehicles (PassThru ONLY)

ZN048 – Field Detector Universal Key 125/20 kHz

ZN047 – Field Detector REN card 125 kHz

ZN046 – PCF for ABPROG

ZN040 – A6/A7/A8 CAN Adapter

ZN039-2 – Toyota Transponder Emulator

ZN038 – Fiat / Chrysler CAN adapter

ZN037 – REN CAN adapter

ZN036- IR AVDI cable

ZN034 – ABPROG flat cable

ZN033 – ABPROG NEC adapter

ZN032 – Adapter with socket for NEC MCU


ZN030 – ABPROG with ext. cable

ZN002 – PROTAG Programmer

ATC01 – Abrites Tough Case, Small size

VINR – VIN Reader

TA9 – ABRITES key (BCM2)-868 Mhz

TA6 – PCB (BCM2)-868 Mhz

TA54 – Abrites key for JLR

TA52 – Universal BGA PCB for Mercedes-Benz vehicles (FBS3)