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KEYDIY KD-X2 Remote Generator and Transponder Cloner

KEYDIY KD-MAX Key Tool and Remote Generator


KEYDIY KD-MAX Key Tool and Remote Generator

KEYDIY KD-MAX Key Tool and Remote Generator you will be able to create both keydiy remotes, produce chips, and unlock locked remotes.

You can create the control you want by coding more than 1000 control software to Keydiy controls.
It is an indispensable and indispensable auxiliary device for those who have a profession in the car key business.
Keydiy KD-MAX remote programming and immo device works by connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
For this reason, you can use this device with both iPhone and Android compatible mobile phones.
It is sufficient to have the “Mobile KD” application installed on your mobile phone.

Chip Copy

● Automatic Copy Detection
● Toyota G Chip Copy
● Control Unlock Locked
● 48 Chip Copy

Chip Creation

● PCF7936
● PCF7946
● ID11
● ID12
● ID13
● ID47 / 38
● 40/48 (7935-ID40 / ID44)
● 48


● Locked Commander Unblocking
● Detection of ignition