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Ford Transit Focus Ignition Switch – 98AB11572BB

OEM Ford Ignition Antenna-Transceiver for Transit Custom – BK2T-15607-AC

REN DAC Symbol Duster Ignition Switch (2014+)

REN DAC Clio III Kangoo Master Ignition Switch

Audi Volkswagen Skoda Ignition Starter Switch 4A0905849

Ford Transit Ignition Switch Automatic Transmission – DG9T11572AA

REN DAC Clio2 Megane Duster Ignition Switch

REN DAC Clio2 Megane1 Logan Ignition Switch

Hyundai Elantra Santa Fe Getz Ignition Switch

Chevrolet Captiva Control Module – A2C85224100 95299517


Electronic Ignition Units are electromechanical switches, which provide the electrical connection of the battery with the ignition system of the vehicles having a combustion engine.
Drivers think of the ignition switch as the slot where they insert the key to start their car. That’s actually the ignition lock cylinder.

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