The Abrites Winter Offers Started!

The Abrites Winter Offers Started!

Get exclusive package deals and up to -33 % on ABRITES products only between December 9 and 19, 2022!
Read all the info below:

This year, we offer three winter packages, containing AVDI, the new Protag Programmer V2 ZN003, and more!

1. AVDI Starter Pack – the basic hardware and software you need to start:
AVDI – the base of the ABRITES ecosystem, the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface
ZN003 – the all-new ABRITES Protag Programmer V2, more versatile and faster than the ZN002
ATC01 – the ABRITES Tough case to keep your gear safe
AMS – Annual Maintenance Subscription activation to access our online services
SPS – Support Plan Service for one year, we got your back!

2. AVDI Advanced Pack – all the Starter Pack gives you, with a valuable addition:
ZN051 – the ABRITES Distribution Box, allowing you to connect to various modules in the vehicle and perform numerous procedures with ease and speed

3. Our favourite package this year – the AVDI Mercedes Truck Pack!
This package contains all you need to program keys and replace modules in Mercedes-Benz trucks.
AVDI, of course! As well as the following:
ZN003 – the all-new ABRITES Protag Programmer V2, which has a designated slot for Mercedes-Benz infra-red truck keys
MN031 – the ABRITES DAS Manager for trucks, allowing you to run the procedures
ZN051 – the ABRITES Distribution Box, which you need for these procedures
ZN075 – the ABRITES infra-red adapter for trucks
CB022 – the ABRITES jumper cable for trucks
TA69 – the ABRITES infra-red key, compatible with the Mercedes-Benz truck range
AMS – Annual Maintenance Subscription activation
SPS – Support Plan Service activation

Along with these great packages, from 9 until 19 December you get -33 % OFF all special functions!

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