The Abrites Winter Promo 2023!

The Abrites Winter Promo 2023!

– 30 % on ALL Abrites FULL software packages for ALL automotive brands!

Say you work with a selected number of brands, and you need the FULL capability of your AVDI. Say no more! Get the FULL BMW package with all the needed software to program keys and perform coding procedures! Or get the FULL VAG package and get the ability to do Component Security-related procedures: program keys and exchange modules, calibrate dashboards, and you name it! Same goes for Peugeot and Citroen, and tens more!

Up to – 46 % on AVDI packages!

This year we present two packages containing the essential Abrites equipment to get you started on the path of automotive experts! Check them out now:

  • AVDI Starter Package

Incudes a brand-new Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface (AVDI) and a PROTAG key and transponder programmer, packed up in a Tough Case for safekeeping.
But you get even more! Your Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) for one year is also activated automatically, which gives you access to the latest diagnostic updates, access to the online services and a huge array of functionalities included in the basic software of your AVDI!

  • AVDI ECU/TCU Master Package

The AVDI ECU/TCU Master Pack includes the Abrites Vehicle Diagnostics Interface (AVDI), PROTAG key and transponder programmer (ZN003) and the powerful Abrites Distribution Box (ZN051). Along with this hardware, you get your AMS, and the
FULL Abrites Engine Control Unit, Transmission Control Unit, Master Control Module and AdBlue Module Programming software! It gives you the ability to:

  • Read, write, and modify hundreds of ECUs and TCUs, MCMs, ACMs used in passenger vehicles, motorbikes, marine vehicles, trucks, buses, heavy-duty and agricultural equipment!
  • Checksum alignment when programming these modules!

This exclusive package is extremely valuable for all professionals involved in Engine Control Unit, Transmission Control Unit, Master Control Module and AdBlue Control Module programming in all types of vehicles!


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