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Astra J / Insignia 2 Button Flip Remote Case

PSA 2 Button Flip Remote Case BOP Battery on Plastic

PSA 3 Button Flip Remote Case BOP Battery on Plastic

Fiat 500L 3 Button Flip Remote Case Type 3

Astra J / Insignia 3 Button Flip Remote Case

PSA 3Btn Flip Remote Case-Head Lamp Button BOP Battery on Plastic

Toyota 3Btn Flip Remote Case – CR2016 Battery – VA2

PSA 2 Button Flip Remote Case for Battery on Board models – BOB

Astra J/Insignia 2Button Non-Flip Remote Case

OEM/Aftermarket Remote Cases

OEM/Aftermarket Remote Cases has got you covered with all the car key shell car key cover replacement; car key wholesale to fix your customer’s car keys.

When the car key plastic cover broke, key blade came off or too bent or worn out, car key shells replacements get your customer back on track.

You Need a car Remote Cases?

What if you need to replace the case of your car key, maybe because it is broken or damaged.
We at REMKEYS, can provide you with of remote cases a wide range of cars makes and models.

Quality is Speciality

Our key cases, consist of high quality materials, to provide our customer with luxurious products for their cars.

REMKEYS stocks a wide range of aftermarket compatible car remotes and car keys for most manufacturers and models at a fraction of the price of genuine dealer remotes.
We also stock aftermarket replacement shell casings and covers for broken car remotes.

Most key remote cases come with buttons for locking and unlocking your doors, opening the boot and even sounding a panic alarm where applicable – all with a few quick taps of your finger.

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