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Suzuki SZ15 Motorcycle Transponder Key – Black

Yamaha Motorcycle Transponder Key – Left

Peugeot Ducati Motorcycle SIP22 Transponder Key

Peugeot Ducati Motorcycle ZD30 Transponder Key

Peugeot Ducati Motorcycle ZD30 Transponder Key – RED


Motorbike Transponder keys are incredibly useful as they are pretty compact, and you no longer need multiple keys to unlock different doors of your.

The most basic difference between a traditional motorbike key and a is that can unlock your vehicle without using the physical locking system. Without it, your engine won’t start, and it can also unlock your vehicle’s door.

On the other hand, a traditional motorbike key doesn’t work until you get it into the locking mechanism physically.
It’s a traditional flat motorbike key that is used for unlocking the doors of your vehicle and starting your engine.

We at REMKEYS, can provide you with of products key a wide range of motorbike makes and models.