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Fiat 3 Button Flip ID46 433mhz Delphi BSI 71776098

Fiat 3 Button Flip ID46 433mhz Magnet Marelli BSI 71752589

Clio3 Modus 2 Button Pcf7947 433mhz 998102668R

Kango/Trafic/Master 2Btn 433mhz Aftermarket 8201086049

Clio3 Trafic Master 3Btn Pcf7947 433mhz 998102668R

Clio2 1Btn Pcf7946 433mhz Aftermarket 8200100173

New Trafic Symbol Vivaro 3Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz 805648885R

Clio4 Captur 4Button Smart Card Hitag Aes 433mhz Keyless 285971998R

Megane3 Laguna3 Pcf7952 433mhz Keyless – NO LOGO 285975779R

Mercedes BE Type 3Btn Nec Processor 433mhz – XHORSE

Micra Note Qashqai 2 Button Pcf7946 433mhz 28268AX61A

Clio4 Captur Hitag Aes 433mhz non-Keyless 285974100R

Kango Trafic Logan 3Btn Pcf7946 433mhz 805677317R

Ford 3Btn Remote Head 433mhz OEM – NO CHIP 1699827

Kango Logan 2 Button Pcf7946 433mhz 998100571R

Ford Blue Remote Head 4d63 433mhz Aftermarket 1721051

Twingo (2010-2013) 2Button ID46 433MHz Aftermarket

Astra H 2 Button Flip Pcf7941 433mhz 93178494

Twingo Trafic 2Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz (2014+) 998101619R

Ford 3Button Flip Remote Head 433mhz Aftermarket 1782036

New Transit Custom 3Button Flip ID47 433mhz Aftermarket 2510975

Bmw Ews 3 Button Pcf7935 433mhz HU92 66126955747

Logan Symbol 2Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz (2012+) 998108016R 

Mondeo Focus 4d636f 433mhz Keyless OEM 2179611

VW Passat 3 Button Smart Remote ID48 433mhz 3C0959752BA

Astra J / Insignia 3Btn Flip 433mhz 13574867

Astra J / Insignia OEM PCB+Aftermarket Case 13574868

Mercedes BE Type 3Btn Nec Processor 433mhz

PEUGEOT 5008 3008 NCF29A1M 433mhz OEM 2019+ 98381721ZD

Ford 3Btn Black Remote Head 4d636f 433mhz OEM 1699827

New DAC REN 2Btn Hitag Aes 433mhz (2015+) OEM 805673071R

OEM/Aftermarket Remote Keys

If you are a locksmith, and looking for the best car remotes, OEM/Aftermarket Remote Keys we at REMKEYS, can provide you with original and high-quality aftermarket Car remotes, for keys and keyless entry systems.

Besides the original car remotes, we have our own remotes which are our own manufacture, designed and tested by our highly professional team.

We at REMKEYS can offer you a wide range of hard to find, selected, tested and guaranteed used car remote keys for your vehicle.

Customers Satisfaction First

Since we always seek a 100% customer satisfaction, we keep concentrating on our sources and always deal with selected and guaranteed sources for our remotes.

On the other hand, we provide full range of Car remote keys, Keyless Entry Remote keys, Remote Key Fob and Remote Starter Controls, for any kind and model of cars.

Supported Brands and Models

We provide a wide range of car remote keys, Smart remote keys, flip remote keys and keyless remote keys covering almost all cars brands and models.

Guarantee and Support

We can provide you with guaranteed smart remote systems and IMMO tools, and we are proud to announce that we are offering our car remotes competitive and discounted prices rates, accompanied with high-quality after-sales support.