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Opel Silca HU100AT12 Key for Remote – Short

Opel Silca YM28AT9 Key for Remote – Short


Flip Head Transponder keys are incredibly useful as they are pretty compact, and you no longer need multiple keys to unlock different doors of your car.

The most basic difference between a traditional car key and a transponder key is that a transponder key can unlock your vehicle without using the physical locking system.
Without it, your engine won’t start, and it can also unlock your vehicle’s door.
On the other hand, a traditional car key doesn’t work until you get it into the locking mechanism physically.
It’s a traditional flat car key that is used for unlocking the doors of your vehicle and starting your engine.

Before purchase, please ensure your transponder key look as the one pictured!

Our Transponder keys, consist of high quality materials, to provide our customer with luxurious products for their.